Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cab Driver Makes More Money Than An IT Professional - True or False?

Few days ago, I was shocked to see this question on Quora: Jobs and Careers: If a cab driver makes more money than an IT professional, why should I study?

Apparently the question was asked to clarify the doubts or queries of a 10th grader, this gave me some relief and helped me calm down my nerves. There isn't anything wrong in any profession and by no means am I saying that IT profession is better than Cab driving profession but what agitates me is that these days it has become a fashion to take a dig at software professionals. People from every corner of the globe take pleasure in highlighting how software profession is not good as other professions in the world.

If you click on the above link and read the answers given by multiple intellectuals you will get know different perspectives of how people can compare IT profession with Cab driving profession and highlight pros and cons of both. But what perplexes me even more is the fact that a 10th grader is asking questions like "Why Should I Study?" So I thought to add my perspective as well. While I posted my answer on Quora I am posting the summary of my answer in the picture below for reading of wider audience:

So if you are an IT professional or a student aspiring to be an IT professional and you hear people talking negatively about your professional then my advice is to be logical. Don't believe half-baked information circulated on the Internet. Be wise. Look into the details because God is in the details.

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