Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Is Life In the Indian IT industry?

Long but flexible working hours
Early morning, late evening work hours and meetings are common. There is no 9 to 6 job role.

Variety of roles
Engineer, Analyst, Tester, Manager, Pre-sales and so on...

Lot of Politics at Workplace
Fight for growth as in every industry

Extremely talented workforce
Brilliant minds, creative minds bless the industry

Focus on Continuous Innovation and Improvement
Great leadership with continuous focus on doing things differently for betterment

Lot of work pressure
Continuous pressure to evolve, change and improve

Immense Opportunities
Opportunity for doing creative work, creating wealth, traveling the world

Layoffs are reality
Every year 5% of the non performing workforce is laid off

High paying job roles
Certain roles and skills are paid highly as compared to other industries

Opportunities to Travel the World On Work Assignments
Global Customers provide opportunities for the workforce to travel around the world for work

Attrition is an ongoing challenge
Management is always under pressure to manage the attrition rate

Focus on Frameworks, Models, Methodologies
Continuous focus to identify better ways of doing work by utilization of frameworks/ models/ methodolgies

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Job Alerts Online - India

Online Job Alerts - India

Here are few websites which provide online job alerts:

These websites may require registration and setting up of profile. We have not used these websites and do not guarantee whether they are authentic. This post is just for the purpose of sharing information. You may want to validate the authenticity of these websites before proceeding.