Monday, October 5, 2015

15 Real Reasons Why IT Professional Return To India

Here are some genuine reasons why IT professionals leave the comforts of USA, UK and return to India:

1. Culture - Because most cannot relate to the western culture

2. Tradition - Because the traditional roots belong here in India

3. People - Because near and dear ones are missed

5. Climate - Because USA and UK have extreme climate in few places

6. Children - Because as children grow up we realize the values that our country brings in

7. Politics, Bollywood, Cricket - Who wants to miss the real fun?

On a lighter note, here are some real reasons why IT professionals return to India

  1. You get the best panipuri here in India, not in US. Also, the spicy water here is to die for which you cannot find anyone else in the world. (Panipuri = Watery Indian bread with Spicy water)
  2. After purchasing a movie ticket, you don't have to stand in queue to enter the damn cinema hall coz you have a seat# on the ticket.
  3. You can play cricket and football anywhere, I mean anywhere you want to. You don't necessarily have to go to a park or a ground.
  4. You don't need to get in a car and drive a mile to buy grocery or milk. Your 7 year old and run across the street and get it for you.
  5. If India wins a major cricket tournament you can just pick up your bike and go to the city center(ghantaghar) to celebrate.
  6. You get immense opportunities to experience the Joy of Bargaining.
  7. You have Jugaad(workaround/ fix) for almost every other problem on this planet.
  8. Last but not the least, because you were born here, were raised here, you belong here -> You owe it to your motherland. Period.

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